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How do I know when my backflow is due to be tested?

Your utilities department will send you a letter stating that you have 30 days to complete the required backflow test. Manatee County and the City of Bradenton send letters annually. For Sarasota County and City of Sarasota, you will need to contact the utilities department directly if you are unsure when you are due. 

How do I schedule a test?

The most efficient way is to use our online form at: You can also call our office and leave a message requesting the backflow test. Please do not use our online form if you have a final notice. 

How do I know that I am on the schedule?

Upon scheduling online you will receive a confirmation message at the bottom of that page. By leaving a voicemail with our office you are automatically added to our schedule with that being your confirmation.

When will you test my property?

We have a 2-3 week response time depending on backflow demand during certain times of year.  The results can be left at the door, mailed, or emailed to you upon completion. 

What happens if I do not get my backflow tested?

Each utilities department has their own consequence for non-compliance. In Manatee County, you will receive an initial notice and then a final notice. If you do not comply within the time allotment, Manatee County will contract a company to test your backflow. The charge will then be added to your water bill. 

How does the utilities department get the results?

We forward all of the results to the appropriate department immediately upon testing.

What if I get a final notice?

Due to utilities department time constraints, schedule dates and fees differ. Please contact the office for more information and scheduling. Do not use the online form to sign up if you have received a final notice. 

Do I need to be home for tests or repairs?

No, the work is done outside.

Why did my backflow fail the test?

Over a period of time the inner working parts of the backflow wear out due to water quality, environmental factors, etc. and need to be repaired or replaced to protect the County/City water.

Can an overgrown bush affect my test results?

Yes, if the backflow is not accessible we are required by the utilities dept. to fail it. Once the bushes are trimmed, please contact our office and we will return to certify the backflow.

How do I pay my invoice?

Upon receiving an emailed invoice from us, you will have the option to pay with a credit card using the "View and Pay Now" button. You may also send a check or money order to the address listed on your invoice. If these options do not work for you, you can call our office and leave a message on our accounting line and a representative will return your call to assist you with making a payment by phone. 

Why is my payment link not working?

Our payment portal works best on computers and will not work on most android devices. If you are having trouble viewing the link provided, please try on a desktop. If you do not have a desktop, you can pay by phone with our office or by check sent in the mail. 

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